Hospital Chaplaincy Education Slideshow

“Pagans & Hospitals: Meeting the Growing Need”

This slideshow is designed primarily to educate hospital chaplains on how to interact with Pagan patients, and their Pagan visitors and clergy. It could be used in situations, such as:

  • Pagan service groups asking hospitals and hospice chaplain corps for permission to present on the topic of Paganism
  • Pagan clergy trying to get visitation and clergy rights acknowledged at institutions
  • Friends and relatives of Pagan patients talking to individual chaplains inquiring about their loved ones
  • With some moderate modifications, it might be used as a general introduction to the subject of Paganism for general audiences.

The slideshow contains:

  • an overview of basic Pagan beliefs
  • what Paganism is not
  • why chaplains should care about Paganism
  • how to interact with Pagans and their beliefs in the hospital setting
  • facts about the Pagan community and clergy
  • suggestions for resources the chapel might keep on-hand for patients
  • links to more information

This slide show is designed mainly as a live group presentation to chaplains, with a knowledgeable presenter to answer questions. It can also be handed out as a packet by itself, but there are a few undefined terms. Groups intending to distribute may wish to modify or expand on the materials.

The slideshow refers largely to European-oriented Neo-Paganism, with most examples from Wicca, since that is what the author is most familiar with. Groups are encouraged to make changes to the presentation to fit their needs as long as:

  • the slideshow is distributed free of charge
  • credit for the original version is acknowledged
  • the web URL for the original version is left undisturbed

A copyright notice for the original version is at the end of the presentation and should be left in place. Questions regarding this slideshow may be directed to the author, Michael Reeder, at

PDF version of slideshow

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